Quest X

QUEST X encompasses a person’s entire journey here at Quest Church. From your Quest Experience on day one to Exploring who Quest is and what we are doing, to Executing your role as part of the Quest family… QUEST X is designed to equip you to fulfill the purpose of God in and through your life.



If this is your first time with us, our leadership team cannot wait to meet you personally. Join us immediately following service in the Q-Connect room adjacent to the main auditorium. We have a gift for you and look forward to shaking your hand.




To learn more about Quest or become a member, join us for Quest Orientation. As a courtesy to you , as a first time quest, you have been automatically registered for this class. The Quest Orientation will cover who we are, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as a member. You will also have the opportunity to take the next step in becoming a Quest Partner. 


STEP 3.png


Finally, if you are ready to take the next step to become a Quest Partner, register today for the Quest Partner’s session where you will learn about the different areas of involvement and outreach.  You will find a place where you can thrive in purpose at Quest Church.