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5/5/25: Pastor Rick Hawkins has been released from the hospital to go home! 

He is cancer FREE!!!! Praise the Lord. 

We are continuing to pray for the following

1. That he won't ever need to return to the hospital. 

2. He stays healthy with NO infections. 

3. NO compromised immunity!

4. The outpatient chemo treatments are easy. 

5. Most importantly... that the leukemia will NEVER RETURN and that all bone marrow biopsies come back clean from this day forward. 


Pastor Rick Hawkins was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with a subtype FLT3-ITD.  We are believing that God is going to heal his body completely and that we are going to see a miracle!  For the next 30 days (April 8-May 7) we are calling Quest Church to fast and pray for Pastor's health, strength, peace of mind, the Dr's and medical staff and his entire family as they walk through the next 30 days.  Pastor Rick will be in the hospital doing intense chemotherapy for 30 days.  We are covering him for every day he is set to be there.
Please join us nightly at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary for corporate prayer! 

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