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Pastor Rick Hawkins

...began his tenure in Ministry in 1980, traveling full-time with then-Evangelist Carlton. Pearson of Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After being groomed and mentored, he was instrumental in establishing several churches, while evangelizing and serving in the capacity of both Youth and Associate Pastor.


Pastor Hawkins’ traveling ministry took him into various geographical locations. These undertakings spanned over a period of years from 1982 to 1993, at which time he answered the call of pastorate and founded Family Praise Center of San Antonio. This integrated ministry, noted as an apostolic epicenter, experienced exponencial growth throughout its history and had a profound impact on the San Antonio community throughout the years.

Family Praise Center changed its name to Place for Life in 2008 and in 2017 Pastor Hawkins' set his son, Pastor Dustin Hawkins, in as the lead pastor of this great congregation. Place for Life is thriving and continuing to follow the call in the San Antonio community.

In January of 2019, Pastor Hawkins launched Quest Church out of the historic ministry of Harvest Church in Norman, OK. Since 2019 we have seen God's hand on this ministry. Every service is full of the presence of God and our congregation is yielded to God's direction in each gathering. From our next generation ministries, to our outreach to the homeless, and our Q-Groups, we have seen profound impact in the OKC Metro community through this integrated, loving family of God.


Under the auspices of Family Praise Center, Pastor Hawkins founded the School of Excellence In Education, a public charter school and The Nehemiah Institute, established to educate at-risk students, giving them an opportunity to complete scholastic requirements despite their inability to mainstream with their local school district. This charter is still active today.

Pastor Hawkins was a keynote speaker at San Antonio’s Martin Luther King, Jr. March (2005, 2006, 2013, 2015 & 2016), America’s largest such observation of the legendary leader’s life celebration. He has also been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles, including a cover story in Ministries Today, a branch of Charisma Magazine.

Pastor Hawkins served on the AZUSA Fellowship’s Board of Directors and presided as the Oversight Pastor for its Southwest Region from 1996-1999. He is a published author and is responsible for the works of, David’s Mighty Men: A Study in Loyalty, whose contents have been instrumental in building men’s ministries worldwide, and The Power of Agreement, and The Benjamin Blessing: God’s Five-Fold Plan For Your Destiny, and The Inner Circle: The Value of Friendship, Trust and Influence, and The Wall: Disaster or Destiny? Lessons from Life’s Crossroads, and his most recent books Training Your Thinking – 21 Days of Mental Discipline and The Blessings - A 21-Day Journey to Building a Blessed Life.

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